Deep soccer analysis and research

How to succeed in soccer betting using statistics and analysis
Written by, Sophie Fri 23 Aug

How to succeed in soccer betting using statistics and analysis

How to succeed in soccer betting using statistics and analysis

Both new and professional punters would agree with the fact that doing good research on the statistics of the teams is one of the key recipes to a successful soccer betting career. It is rare for anyone to purchase a car without checking for specs or the miles it has traveled, likewise, you should not place a bet without the proper information on the past performance of the teams.

Deep analysis and research

You may ask how much analysis is too much. Well, no one can give a proper answer to that, but the most important thing is to look around and gather as much information as possible relating to your teams of interest.

Where can you find stats?

Thanks to technology, it is now straightforward to find historical data of almost all teams around the world. This is easily accessible online, and most of it is free. Few sites are very resourceful, and these provide a detailed analysis of the team's past performance. Some include Soccerbase, Squawka, and Soccerstats.

Have soccer news at your fingertips

It may surprise you to know that soccer news is one of the best-kept secrets by professional punters. Check for any breaking news in soccer, who is in and who is out, who was red-carded the most during subsequent games, who is the referee, is the bias? Soccer betting Apps are the next big thing. Take advantage of them and stay up to date with match previews, latest odds and news alert.

In soccer betting, there is never too much information, but too much information can be helpful.

Soccer betting forums

Another great source of information is in the soccer betting forums. Here, you will find discussions on most teams with punters trying to enlighten each other on the happenings in the fields. With the forums, you can learn a thing or two relating to betting insights and trends.

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