Sports Betting Systems for 2020

Sports Betting Systems for 2020
Written by, Kolade Daniel Thu 31 Dec

Sports Betting Systems for 2020

Sports Betting Systems for 2020

Getting yourself the right betting system to work with before placing bets could be the easiest way to maximize profits. There is no ‘right’ approach to betting, as it isn’t a guaranteed practice. However, there are always tactical loopholes one can take advantage of to make a profit.

Even with proper knowledge in a sport, you need a sound strategy that suits your betting picks most of the time, or it could all go wrong. This involves taking your budget, your preferred sport, and your bookmaker as well into consideration. A proper understanding of these with a tested out strategy puts you one step closer to winning before placing that bet.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best sport betting systems new and existing punters could try out in 2020.

Value betting

What we can call a value bet varies from punter to punter. A value bet is a game you think has more probability of winning than it was given. For instance, if Newcastle’s odds indicated a 20% chance of winning and you think they stand a 30% chance of winning, you can class that as a value bet.

Buttressing the fact that it’s all based on punter’s interpretations of odds given, you might even feel Newcastle has a higher chance of winning, and another punter might feel it is way lesser.

In a nutshell, this strategy involves capitalizing on ‘over-priced’ odds and placing bets on such games to maximize profits. It can be a risky strategy, but if well understood, you could have yourself a little gold mine.

Real-time betting (Live betting)

Imagine placing a bet on your top team only to end up seeing the team’s two best players out of that game. It changes the whole dynamics of everything and can ruin that bet completely. Well, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

For real-time betting, one doesn’t just require in-depth knowledge of an event but a fast-reaction based on factors that could change the outcome of a game.

Real-time betting could involve:

  • Reacting to team news or player injuries ( when the game is on) to capitalize on them.
  • Backing the favorite to get a reaction after a ‘poor’ start.

Live-betting can be very profitable but can also be volatile. As is the rule of betting, nothing is guaranteed, and many factors could influence games in seconds. In a general sense, though, those that like to leave it late before placing bets or wait until the game itself has commenced are the ‘low-risk bettors.’ This method is reasonable to go with if well understood.

This simple strategy could also see you splash more cash than you know as it builds the adrenaline, considering it’s all in the heat of the moment. So it requires proper discipline to go with. It’s always advisable you go with one sport for this strategy, and football is usually the most profitable sport for this based on general opinion.

Betting on outsiders or backing the underdogs

This strategy is straightforward. It’s you backing the underdogs to get a shock win or do the impossible. This could seem weird or illogical to a beginner, but to a punter who understands this correctly, it could be a secret tactic.

Experienced players know that betting on outsiders usually comes with massive odds and could see one cash out big when it eventually comes to play. Factors have to be considered for this strategy.

Sometimes, the outsiders might have a good record against a particular team or might have some reason to be extra-motivated for that game. One could also back underdogs with handicaps, which is a standard method as well.

In football, for instance, you could try backing relegation-threatened sides when it’s peaking towards the end of the game as there’s usually a sudden improvement in the performances of these teams. This method is one with great potential as always, but the reality is that it comes as an ‘opportunity’ and should be tried out when there is a real chance and not just for the hope of larger winnings at once.

Betting on special markets

Normally, you could sometimes get confused on what to bet on at times. Or in some circumstances, your preferred team is not playing on a day you’re feeling good to have a go at the bookies. Betting on unique markets could come in handy in such situations.

In summary, it’s merely abstaining from the standard win, draw, and loss markets and paying more attention to select options. Some special markets include:

  • The number of corner kicks.
  • Cards market, number of cards, or type of card.
  • Type of goal scored
  • Over/Under goals market


There is no perfect or winning betting strategy, and all punters have to find out with time what works best for them. Trying out a couple, knowing your strong point, and maximizing the full potential of a particular method will surely see you win more often than someone with no known strategy.



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