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Betting in sports is an ancient concept. But thanks to online betting, sports betting has now reached a new level!

Bettors are now able to bet from various locations for any game anywhere across the globe!

Betting is now aided by tipsters who provide valuable information that helps bettors and punters take calculated risks.

There are betting tipsters available online who provide valuable tips to bettors minimizing their betting tips.

However, the choice of a tipster is essential so that your chances of winning improve.

One of the most reliable winning tipsters is BetKingTipsters

BetKingTipsters made a foray into the world of online tipping when betting online had just about started on the WorldWideWeb.

Although betting on different sports has become highly popular across the globe, Soccer betting is a rage! This is because of the unpredictability of soccer!

The unpredictable nature and the passion for this sport induces an urge in soccer fans to bet and wait and watch the unexpected results!

To cater to the tipping needs of bettors in Asia, BetKing Tipsters was set up in Asia in 2016.

Bettors are always on a lookout for soccer tipsters who will provide them tips that will help them win BIG!

BetKing is an online sports tipster platform that has a team of expert tipsters!

Our tipsters:
  • Have in-depth knowledge about the sport they are providing tips on
  • Well-experienced in the field to suggest tips that can be relied on
  • Suggest tips based on statistics such as one-to-one encounters between the teams, etc.
  • Our King tipsters also base their tips on the playing conditions, the form of the players, weather, etc.
  • We offer tips to bettors and punters after a comprehensive analysis of all factors that could impact the results. Therefore, the margin for error is reduced.

Although you will encounter many sports tipping sites, our services differ because we choose our tipster after careful vetting!

Why choose our services?
Transparent Services

We offer you complete tracking of your purchased tips with updates on live-scores, live-odds, etc.

Experienced Tipsters

We offer you complete tracking of your purchased tips with updates on live-scores, live-odds, etc.

Transparent Services

We have an experienced team of tipsters with in-depth knowledge of the game and so offer you reliable tips.

Choice of tipsters

We offer you a selection of sports tipsters. You can check the credentials of different tipsters and select the best one for you.

Reliable Tipsters

The tips provided by our tipsters can be relied upon as they are well-researched tips. You can also check the track record of our tipsters to ensure that you are working with the right people.

Maintain Confidentiality

We maintain complete confidentiality while providing tipping services.

100% Credit Refund

We offer you 100% credit refund on a losing tip and non-profit tips such as loss/draw/ canceled match/postponed the game.

Complete flexibility

Change your seller at any stage if you feel you are on the losing side.

Responsive website

Access your website easily on a device of your choice. Our website designed such that it loads quickly on laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc.

Inviting Sponsors & Partners

If you are passionate about sports and are looking to join us as sponsors, we are more than happy to welcome you! All you need to do is connect with our sales team at Capper Tech Private Limited!

For all those looking to become tipsters, BetKingTipsters offers a platform to start your career in this field. By joining our team of tipsters, you get the benefit of our reputation attached your name.

Since many punters and bettors seek the tipster services of our website, you will have a high demand for your services.


In our endeavor to continually improve our services, we are open to feedback from our customers. You can connect with our editorial team through the Contact Us page. You can share your concerns regarding the content of our sites, services that need improvement, or any queries you have regarding our website.

Technical Support

For any technical issues that you come across, our professional team is ready to resolve them. All that you need to do is send us an email at support@BetKingTipsters.com.

Our site is a user-friendly site. It is divided into channels, and in each channel, you can navigate through the vertical menu on the left or links on the right-hand side to deep-link to the relevant content.

Latest Tipster
Brandon Gibson Premium Tipsters
  • win 137
  • push 1
  • fail 39
1546.00 profits
David Hayes Premium Tipsters
  • win 155
  • push 5
  • fail 20
2197.50 profits
Noa Roozendaal Premium Tipsters
  • win 78
  • push 1
  • fail 11
646.00 profits
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