How To Read Asian Handicap Betting Odds

How To Read Asian Handicap Betting Odds
Written by, Arnaldo Brito Sat 01 Aug

How To Read Asian Handicap Betting Odds

How To Read Asian Handicap Betting Odds

How To Read Asian Handicap Betting Odds

Frequently, there are football matches where one team has a significant advantage over its rival. In these cases, the Asian Handicap balances the difference.

Thus, the sportsbook will offer more attractive odds.

To bet like the experts on the Asian handicap, it is necessary to know how to read the betting odds.

We will explain the Asian handicap betting odds’ types through an example. Keep in mind that the Asian handicap does not admit betting on draws. In this case, the bookie will return the money bet.

Suppose River Plate and Boca Juniors face each other.

  • Half goal handicap:

* River Plate -0.5: By betting River Plate -0.5 goals, we are subtracting 0.5 goals from River Plate. This equals giving Boca Juniors a half goal advantage. River Plate must win by one goal or more for the bet to win. If Boca Juniors wins or the result is a draw, we will lose the bet.

* River Plate -1.5: In this case, we will give Boca Juniors an advantage of one and a half goals. If we make this bet, it is because we think that River Plate can win by two goals or more. If River wins by one goal, there is a draw, or Boca Juniors wins, and we will lose the bet.

  • Whole goal handicap:

* River Plate -2: Here we will be applying a two-goal disadvantage to River. For the bet to be won, River must win by 3 or more goals. If River wins by 2 goals, the bet will be void, and the bookie will return the money. If Boca Juniors wins, there is a draw or River Plate wins by a goal, we will lose.

* River Plate +0: In this case, neither team is assigned a handicap. This case occurs when there are reasonably even matches. If there is a draw, the bookie gives us the money back. If River Plate wins, the bet is a winner and, if Boca Juniors wins, we will lose. This case is called a 0.0 handicap.

  • Mixed handicap:

In this case, our bet is divided into two, and for each bet, the same odd will apply.

* River Plate -0.75 (River Plate -0.50, -1): Suppose we bet $ 10 on River Plate handicap -0.75, odds 2.45.

The bookie will divide your bet into a $ 5 handicap -0.5 and a $ 5 handicap -1.

If River Plate loses or draws, we will lose the bet.

If River wins 1-0, the River Plate -0.5 bet would be won, and the River Plate -1 bet would be void. We would win $ 12.25 (5x2.45) for the River Plate-0.5 bet, and the sportsbook would return the $ 5 for the River Plate -1 bet.

If River Plate wins by two goals or more, both bets would be winners.

* River Plate -1.25: Now, we bet $ 10 on River Plate, handicap -1.25, at odds 1.95.

Of the $ 10, $ 5 would be wagered on handicap -1 and $ 5 on handicap -1.5.

If River Plate wins 1-0, the first bet would be void (River Plate -1) and the second bet lost (River Plate -1.5). We would only get $ 5 back.

If River wins 2-0, we will win with both bets.

Now, you have what you needed to know to place your bets on the Asian handicap. You just have to practice a little, and you will master it like an expert.

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