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Strategies in Matched Betting Without Free Bets
Written by, JC Lim Tue 01 Oct

Strategies in Matched Betting Without Free Bets

Strategies in Matched Betting Without Free Bets

Apart from two basic strategies in Matched Betting without Free Bets, there are several alternative strategies that you can exploit also. Now I will write about every single one of them:


  1. EACH WAY SNIPING (also known as E/W Sniping, or E/W Arbing)


Each way sniping works well with two sports: horse racing and golf. It is a bit easier to understand it when it is explained on horse racing so that I will write it down with this sport as the example. In betting on horse racing, there are two typical markets where the most punting is done:


  • To win (pretty much straight forward bet, where you bet on a horse to win a race) and
  • Each way betting (is two bets in one. One bet is to win the bet, and another one is the one who pays you if the horse place in a certain position. This is usually to finish 1st or 2nd, 1st to 3rd and even sometimes 1st to 4th).


So, with Each Way Sniping, you are placing two separate bets. One bet is on a horse to win a race and the second bet is on the horse finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Of course, you Lay it off on Betting Exchange to lock the profit on that race.

This system churns out a small but constant profit every day, but you need to be patient and to use one of the good software that can be found online.

Each way sniping is a fantastic system, which takes advantage of the each-way odds, something which bookmakers are not aware of!




Extra places are a perfect way if you want to maximize your Matched Betting profit. When there a significant event in horse racing or golf, Bookmakers often pay an Extra Place for those events. With a relatively small amount staked you can get a BIG RETURN. 

And do not worry if your account is restricted from receiving Bonuses and Promotions, as all customers get those Extra Places and that is a great opportunity to boost your bankroll.

So, what is the catch? Again, this strategy relies on EACH WAY BETTING. We talked about this strategy, and if you read this Article carefully, you are more than familiar with this strategy. So simply BACK and LAY betting on same horse and places.

With Extra Place strategy, you look for an offer where Bookmaker offers top 4 places for example and Betting Exchange offer on the same horse and same race top 3 places.

If your selected horse finishes on the 4th place, you will win the place part of each way bet (BACK) at Bookmaker (as you bet to finish from 1st to 4th place) and also you will win your LAY bet at Betting Exchange as horse finished 4th and you LAYED the 1st to 3rd place. So basically, you got both won bets for and double profit.

This is profitable strategy nut be careful; my advice is to start with small bankroll until you get enough experience in it.

Also, try to avoid Golf at the start as Golf tournaments can be tricky, the last long and often many players finish tied. Look for the Extra Places on big horse races, there almost all Bookmakers offer nice Extra Place Promotions and then it is rather easy to hit a Jack-Pot.



Price Boosts is one of my favorite ways to make Risk Free profit. In this situation, Bookmaker decides to ENHANCE THE ODDS on a certain outcome.

Usually, Bookmakers Boost the Prices on an outcome that is catchy to customers, like in our picture. Well, who wouldn’t place a bet on Cristiano Ronaldo to score if normal odds are 4/7 (or 1.57 on decimal odds) and your Bookmaker enhanced them to 12/1 (massive 13.00 on decimal odds).

In this case, a successful £10 bet would give you £120 of profit, while in normal terms the same bet gives you “just” £5.7.

Seems interesting, right? Well, normal bettors would take those odds and wait for the outcome, but the real shark, Matched Bettor, is not taking anything for granted.

You will do standard BACK and LAY strategy with Bookmaker that gives you Boosted odds and Betting Exchange like this:


  • Place BACK bet at selected Bookmaker with the stake you want to bet,
  • Calculate your liability manually or with some good Matched Betting Calculator,
  • LAY same bet at Betting Exchange,
  • Wait for the bets to settle and count the profit.


This type of Matched Betting is one of my absolute favorites as I said earlier, but there is a catch. Bookmakers tend to pull those offers rather quickly, and you need to be fast.

It is rather hard to see every Price Boost that is available, so it is good to use one of the great services that provide you with daily information about those offers.



Different Casinos and Bookmakers offer every single day a lot of bonuses and promotions, and we talked about that in the past.

As well as Bookmakers, Casinos also fight for their customers and they give a lot of sign-up offers, reload offers, offers for returning customers, etc.

With good service, you can get all those offers on your email every single day along with instructions how to take advantage of them.

With Casino offers you can make low-risk profits with absolutely no problems at all.

It is steady and consistent, but pretty low profit. It is low, but it is guaranteed. 

Casino offers are rarely guaranteed the profit on one attempt; you need to be patient and to wait for small but steady income.

In some cases you can get risk-free offers such as 100% refunds on losses up to a certain amount (usually £10 to £20) but as I said that is rarely.




So, what is now Dutching? Each way Dutching is a slow but reliable way to make a profit.

Basically, you are backing several selections (usually in horse racing betting) in an event, so that no matter what horse wins, the returns are more-less the same.

So, you divide your stake over some horses and to win the same amount no matter what horse wins.

This is not an easy way, first and foremost because you need to calculate your stakes perfectly and to have in mind commissions that charge Betting Exchanges.

Best way to explain Dutching is to give you a basic example:

Let us say you want to bet on two horses in particular event, one priced at 3.00 odds and other with 5.00 odds.

Instead to choosing from two horses you can get Dutch the horses. For example, your stake will be £100 on both bets in total.

You need to calculate how much stake to put on each horse and in our example, you will need to put £62.50 on the horse that is priced 3.00 and £37.50 on the horse that is priced 5.00. The outcome is pretty easy to calculate…

  • If horse one wins (with 3.00 odds), you will win £125 - £37.50 (another bet) = £87.50,
  • If horse two wins (with 5.00 odds) you will win £150 - £62.50 (another bet) = £87.50.

Dutching isn’t the easiest way to bet, but for those willing to put in some research, however, Dutching can provide steady, regular profits if a sensible, systematic approach is employed.


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