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Over/Under Betting Explained
Written by, Sophie Thu 19 Sep

Over/Under Betting Explained

Over/Under Betting Explained

This betting strategy is one of the easiest forms of betting that is suitable for both professional punters as well as beginners. When coupled with statistics and historical data of the previous matches, the over/under market is highly profitable.

Let's look at an example, Burnsley is the home team, and their average goals at home are 2.1 while the conceded goals are 1.20. This gives us a total goals average of 3.30.

With that information, it time to look at the average score of the away team which in this case is Swansea. Let's assume Swansea scores an average of 1.75 goals while conceding a total of 1.15 of goal; this gives us an average of 2.90 goals in their away games.

This is where the trick lies, take the two smallest numbers which in this case are 1.15 + 1.20 = 2.35, the result is the minimum goals that you can expect in this match. Likewise, do the same with the high numbers, and the result will guide you on the most likely outcome.

To be on the safe side, give yourself some allowance, if the total gives you an average of 2.70 or more, placing an over with high stakes is safe. However, you may need to go slow with totals of between 2.50 and 2.70. You can stake a significant amount on an average of 2.30 or below. If you wish to bet on other lines like the 3.5 and the 4.5, you should use this same strategy to calculate the likely number of goals.

This is one of the easiest strategies that a punter can use to beat the bookies. It is much easier than exotic bets the likes of props, Trixie's and teasers whose odds are quite high but bookies know chances of hitting them are close to nil.


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