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Is Football Club Barca Transfer Policy The Best in The World?
Written by, JC Lim Sat 04 Aug

Is Football Club Barca Transfer Policy The Best in The World?

Is Football Club Barca Transfer Policy The Best in The World?

Is Football Club Barca Transfer Policy The Best in The World?

Here are some of the world’s most expensive soccer transfers. Look at the amount and let us know in the comment section if it’s even worth it:


FC Barcelona Transfer Expenditure: 725 million Euros

Fc Barcelona popularly known as Club Barca is known to spend massive amounts of cash on their transfers. Although they have much older players like Messi and Suarez, this club does not leave anything to chance, and they broke the record with their recent transfer after they bought Coutinho for a whopping £142m.


Chelsea Transfer Expenditure: 592 million Euros

Chelsea is synonymous with success. However, they must consider improving their team especially players for the prominent positions.


Real Madrid Transfer Expenditure: 497 million Euros

Real Madrid remains one of the top performers in the world of football. They seem to do their research well before spending any cash on a player. However, they need to improve on some players like Benzema who is seemingly overwhelmed by the work.


Juventus Transfer Expenditure: 448 million Euros

The most surprising thing about this club is the age of their players. This club retains most of their older player, but this doesn’t trouble them much since they have also invested in a back-up of young professional players. The only place they need some improvement in their central defensive positions.


Bayern Munich Transfer Expenditure: 363 million Euros

Bayern Munich is one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Any small changes in the club attract a lot of attention. There is a rumor that two of their key players are set to leave the club this summer. This means that the clubs transfer expenditure will have to shoot high considering the huge gap that the two players are set to go.


Atletico de Madrid Transfer Expenditure: 298 million Euros

Atletico de Madrid had seen it all before Diego joined them and scaled the club to the top.

Most of their transfer is centered on renewing their defense and impressive team. There is also rumor that one of their most valuable players, Griezman is considering leaving the team.


Napoli Transfer Expenditure: 204 million Euros

Napoli’s transfer policy is also excellent. However, they would do much better if they focused on improving their defensive team as well as the goalkeepers.


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