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How Much Can You Make With Matched Betting
Written by, JC Lim Mon 09 Sep

How Much Can You Make With Matched Betting

How Much Can You Make With Matched Betting

There are several absolutely LEGAL ways to make tax-free, risk-free money using Matched Betting strategies.

There are several ways to make money with Matched Betting, and I will explain every way to you. All you ever need is a stable internet connection, personal computer or laptop or even a mobile device and of course, a starting bankroll:

Bookmaker new accounts offer,
Casino and Bingo new account offers,
Ongoing Bookmakers offers,
Ongoing Casino and Bingo offers,
Each way sniper and
High-risk Casino.


People commonly ask me that inappropriate question: “Hey! How much profit have YOU made?” The answer is always the same: “I earn enough, but I also work hard every day to achieve that!”.

Perhaps the most important thing is – BANKROLL. Your bankroll is the money that you are prepared to invest into Matched Betting (not the all money you have in the bank or at home, please people don’t be greedy).

MY TIP ABOUT BANKROLL: “Great and smart thing to do is to have separate bank account only for MATCHED BETTING. This can help you become more organized, and to have insight in all of your transactions for MATCHED BETTING.

You can start Matched Betting with no less than £100 but if you want to start with “a pro” than bankroll should be in the region from £4.000 to £5.000. There are some problems that need to be addressed.

For example, when your money from Bookmaker to Betting Exchange and vice versa, sometimes there are delays in withdrawal times (at some Bookmakers 2-5 working days), so having some extra funds at account is always good. With £100, it is still possible to play. Coupled with some lady luck, you will be gaining some real money in no time.

Also, make sure that you write everything on a piece of paper and the spreadsheet. Personal computers and mobile phones are things that can bug and broke so it is a smart thing to have written all down to the piece of paper so that you will know your accounts, passwords, balances and whole history. It takes a bit of your time, but it is worth it.


When you start Matched Betting you should expect to earn more and much easier money than later and that is no secret. That is due the “juicy” sign up offers that Bookmakers use to lure the new players to their websites. You probably saw numerous times offers like:


- £20 Free bet when you sign up,

- Bet £10, get £30 free,

- 50% up to £200 + 5 free bets,

- £20 risk-free bet, amongst others.

All of those Bonuses can be commanded. With Matched Betting, you can make risk-free, tax-free money. Basically, you deposit some funds and open the new account at selected Bookmaker and after that read the terms and conditions of suggested Bonus or/and Promotion. When you get everything clear you open account at one of the Betting Exchanges and with your first bet (usually called “qualifier bet”) you make safe, risk-free back and lay bet and cover all the outcomes.

Once you finish the step one and you qualify for Bonus than the real fun starts. You play with bonus money at Bookmaker and lay the same bet at Betting Exchange, so you cover all the outcomes. Once the second game and second bet is settled, you get your money and your profit.

With that NEW ACCOUNT OFFERS you can play approximately about 18 to 24 months, and you can earn up to £1500 pure profit on a regular basis.


Many Online Casinos and Bookmakers offer a lot of interesting sign-up Bonuses and Promotions every day. All of them battle for new customers as these days the online gambling scene is booming and producing some incredible numbers, profit wise.

The casino offers you can make low-risk profits with absolutely no problems at all. It is steady and consistent, but pretty low gain. It is low, but it is guaranteed.

Casino offers are rarely guaranteed the profit on one attempt; you need to be patient and to wait for small but steady income. In some cases you can get risk-free deals such as the 100% refunds on losses up to a certain amount (usually £10 to £20) but as I said that is rarely. As far as we're concerned, RescueBet offers up to 100% of such rebates. You can check them out.

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