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Author Filter : Asher K
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Written by, Asher K Fri 08 May

Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

Read on to find out how to adapt and make the best use of Asian handicap betting strategies to make the most profit.

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Written by, Asher K Sun 09 Feb

"Covering The Spread" In Sports Betting Explained

What is covering the spread and how could you effectively use it when you bet on sports and gambling events?

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Written by, Asher K Wed 01 Jan

Half Time Soccer Betting Strategies

You can bet on soccer games at half-time using half-time soccer betting strategies that will enable you to win in-play bets.

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Written by, Asher K Mon 02 Dec

Relation Between Sports Betting And Probability

Sports betting and probability have a strong correlation to each other and probability reflects the likelihood of an event occuring.

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Written by, Asher K Wed 14 Aug

How Would You Find Sports Betting Experts?

It's hard to know how and where do you find reliable sports betting experts online when everyone claims to be one. Here's what you should look out for when looking for a sports betting expert.

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Written by, Asher K Fri 12 Jul

Machine Learning In Sports Betting

Machine Learning has become a standard tool to both the bookmakers and punters and here's why.

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Written by, Asher K Sat 29 Jun

How To Make A Career In Football?

There are several individuals involved in the soccer industry that come from humble backgrounds, who relied on sheer talent to carry them through.

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Written by, Asher K Sat 01 Jun

What Are The Basic Terms Of Sports Betting?

If you want to know more about the basic terms used in sports betting, then look no further as these terms will help equip you to understand and make better bets.

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Written by, Asher K Mon 13 May

What's The Best Strategy For Betting On Sports?

Here are some of the best strategies you can adopt when making your bets that will help change the way you place bets and make more money.

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Written by, Asher K Tue 16 Apr

The Greatest Managers Of The Premier League

Here's a list of the top 3 managers to grace the Premier League since it's inception in 1992.

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Written by, Asher K Tue 23 Oct

Odds On Who Will Win The Premier League 2018-2019 Season?

Here's a list at where you should be putting your money for the upcoming English Premier League season.

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